Every international flight often gives us a headache because there are so many things to prepare. Whether this is your first time or you have gone abroad many times before, just check again to see if you have brought enough!


This is the first thing to mention, and perhaps also the most important. Identification documents are not only used to check in for airline tickets or hotel rooms but are also the basis for the authorities to work when you are abroad. So, what identification documents do you need to bring?

1. Passport

First is the passport. A passport is considered an "international citizen identification card," issued by a country to a citizen to operate both domestically and abroad. And to be able to go through immigration procedures, you must have a visa. Your visa must be valid for at least 6 months to use.

2. Visa

For entry when traveling internationally, you need to check to see if the country you are going to allows you to stay visa-free. If you are exempted from a visa, how long will it take?

In case you are not exempt from a visa, please contact the immigration department for specific instructions to avoid being denied entry and affecting your travel itinerary.

3.  Airline tickets

When traveling internationally, buying plane tickets is important before you depart. Pay attention to research and carefully check flight and departure times to avoid flight delays. Tickets need to be booked 2-3 months in advance, and round-trip tickets need to be purchased.

4. Identification documents

You will need to bring your ID to keep essential documents safe. There are cases where customs officers and security forces at the airport compare and verify information.

5. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not a mandatory document but is very necessary when traveling, especially on long trips. Travel insurance is a tool to protect you against risks and uncertainties (if any) that occur during the immigration process. The insurance company will be responsible for you if it is within the scope of the insurance terms, such as baggage assistance, lost documents, emergency medical assistance, repatriation assistance, etc.

6. Credit cards and money

When traveling abroad, your country's currency will not be used in the host country, so bringing a credit card will help you pay most conveniently and quickly.

7. Contact the embassy

Store contact information for the embassy or consulate of your destination country for emergencies.

8. Time

Arrive at the airport and important places on time to avoid missing flights or important activities. We recommend arriving 1 hour before departure for domestic flights and 2 hours for international flights.

Carry out immigration procedures

1. Presenting Documents

- Passengers are required to present their passports and other relevant identification documents to border officials for inspection and completion of exit procedures.

- Passengers should wait in line at the Immigration area, present their boarding pass along with a valid passport.

- Once the passport is stamped to confirm the exit, passengers will receive it back and proceed through the Immigration area.

2. Security and Customs Checks

Passengers must undergo the following security screening process:

- Present a valid passport and boarding pass.

- Declare carry-on luggage for flights.

- Tourists are required to remove coats, hats, shoes, socks, masks, and place them in a tray along with other items.

- Pass through the metal scanner area. (*Note: Passengers may be subject to advanced security checks if deemed necessary.)

Useful information

In general, you will be asked to fill in and present an Arrival/Departure document at immigration counter. You will be given the Arrival Declaration form at the check-in counter before your flight or on the flight from cabin crew.

Arrival Documents

If you have arrived in on an international flight or are leaving the country, you will be asked to fill in and present an Arrival/Departure document at immigration counter. These will be supplied to you directly and require very little effort to fill in.

Tip: Having a pen at hand can save a little time.

Travel Document

Passengers are required to have adequate travel documents for all flights. You can find more information about travel documents for a wholly convenient itinerary.

Passenger travelling on international flights shall submit one of the following identification forms:


Travel documents or entry documents, as stipulated by the laws of the country preparing for entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners (such as separate visas, permanent residence cards, temporary residence cards), identity cards, or alternative documents as agreed upon between countries, are hereinafter referred to as "Passport"

Passengers traveling on domestic flights must present one of the following identification documents: Applicable to each case of citizen of host country and international passengers.


The travel document has its own visa

Identification cards issued by diplomatic missions, consulates, and representative offices of international organizations

Resident card

Temporary residence card

Driver card

Means Aviation security control card or aviation identification card issued by a competent authority.

In case of loss of passport, there must be documents confirming identity and loss of passport including portrait photo and stamp. Diplomatic notes are valid for 30 days from the date of confirmation.

Passengers under 14 years of age

For international visitors: Passport and accompanying legal representative.

For citizen of host country:

Certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organization. This certifying form shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation.

The travel documents conditions:

Passengers 's travel documents as referred above shall meet the following conditions:

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