Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How Can I book E-Ticket online?

    You can book flight tickets online very easily with credit card. You access to and process some steps as bellow:

    - You can SEARCH your itineraries in home page (index) included: Departure, Arrival, Date, Number of Adult, Children, Infant

    - You choose your time exactly and You can see your details of Time in Price Breakdown on your screen.  

    - Flight Details: Check again all details for your flight and click to CONTINUE

    - Passengers Details: You fill your information as Name (in your passport), email, phone number. The important is Name and your email. Then CONFIRM AND PAY.

    - Pay your flight tickets via credit card (Visa/Master)

    - Finally: After you book tickets successfully, please check your email about 10 – 20 minutes later to get your E-Ticket Which you must got it to check in flight.

  2. Which method I can pay via

    You can pay flight tickets online via our website through Credit card included Visa, Master and JCB card. When you make a reservation via our website. If the payment was error, please contact to us as soon as possible. Our staffs will support and guide you finish booking easily!

  3. How do I get my tickets after payment successfully?

    About flight tickets, you don’t need get real tickets as Train or Hotel. After successful payment, you receive a confirmation page included CODE, all your itinerary details and E-tickets will be sent to your email where You registered it via our website.

  4. How long can I book tickets on our website before departure?

    According to of policy, the agency can book tickets minimum of 4 hours before departure. If in the emergency, you should buy ticket at the check-in counter at the airport.

  5. How many tickets I can book in a reservation?

    The customers can book the international and domestic flight operated by Vietnam Airlines or partner airlines. You can book maximum of 6 tickets in a reservation (not including infant under 2 years old).

  6. How are Our Children and Infants?

    Vietnam Airline allows transferring children/ infant go with parents or authorized person. Each of parents is allowed going with 1 child/ infant. If children/infant go alone, customer has to pay the extra fee for cabin crew accompanied service. Each of cabin crew will go with 1 infant or child under 4 years and not more than 2 children older 4 years.

    Accompanied cabin crew service request must be made at least 3 days before departure day for domestic flight and 5 days for international flight.

    The price of children/infant:


    The price

    Infant: 0-24 months

    10% of adult’s price

    Children: 25 months – 12 years old

    75% of adult’s price

    More over 12 years old

    100% of adult’s price

  7. How can I book ticket with best price?

    When you find and check the available tickets on, we can offer different prices and displayed from the lowest price for the customer can choose. In additional, when you have plan for travelling, you should book earliest possible because when you book ticket early, you will have tickets with the cheapest price. You shouldn’t book too late in the high season; the price is very expensive.

  8. How are Free Baggage on Flight?

    Free Carry-on Baggage


    Number of Pieces

    Weight per Piece





    56x36x23(cm) or 22x14x9(in)




    56x36x23(cm) or 22x14x9(in)

    Free Checked Baggage Allowance


    Class of Service

    Baggage Allowance

    Within Asia (except tickets issued in Japan and Vietnam)

    Business Class


    Economy Class




    For more information, please see Here.

  9. What is an electronic ticket?

    An e-ticket (or electronic ticket) is a ticket that stored by Vietnam Airline or our website. Every information of guest will be updated in Vietnam Airlines system. You don’t need to print the ticket, just use your code ticket when check-in at the airport. You should carry your e-ticket at all times for both international and domestic flight.


  1. Which flights are available for booking on our website?

    Online booking is available on international and domestic flights operated by Vietnam Airlines and some codeshare flights with our partner airlines.

  2. How long time before departure can I book and purchase ticket on your website?

    With Immediate forms of payment, you need to book and purchase tickets at least 6 hours prior to departure.

    With Pay later forms of payment, you need to book at least 6 hours prior to departure, pay at least 6 hours prior to departure and maximum 12 hours from booking.

  3. Can I purchase tickets for infant(s) under 2 years old on your website?

    Yes, you can purchase tickets for infants without seat on Vietnam Airlines website. 

    Infant age: From 7 days to under 2 years old (at the at the time of traveling on the first flight for itineraries wholly operated by Vietnam Airlines; at the time of traveling on the last flight for itineraries having a flight operated by other airlines).

    Vietnam Airlines reserve right not to provide service or require passengers to purchase new tickets if passengers fail to follow the above rule.

  4. How many passengers can I book on our website per transaction?

    You can book a maximum of 6 passengers (not including infant under 2 years old) in one transaction.

  5. When purchasing tickets with multiple destination option, the system displays only the lowest available fare, how can I get a more flexible one?

    Please divide your itinerary into one-way and/or roundtrip segments. Then you can purchase separated segment by selecting "One Way" and/or "Round Trip" option, system will display all available fares for your selection.

  6. How can I find a best fare offered on your website?

    When you search flight on Vietnam Airlines website, our system will display the best available fare. Please see details of Fare types and rules.


  1. Which payment methods are available on your website?

    We offer the following forms of payment:

    • International Payment Cards
    • VISA,
    • MasterCard
    • JCB


    • Vietnam Airlines does not accept Virtual or single-use cards and reserve right not to provide service if they are used to purchase tickets on Vietnam Airlines website.
    • The cardholder is not required to be in the travelling party.
    • The card holder must verify payment card upon check-in at the airport or at Vietnam Airlines Branch before travelling.
    • Vietnam Airlines headquarter is located in Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines shall not be responsible for any fees may be levied by the issuing bank while purchasing tickets on Vietnam Airlines website. Please check with your issuing bank for details of the fees if any.


    • The cardholder is not required to be in the travelling party and not required to verify payment card

    Reservation and fare are not guaranteed until successful payment

  2. How can I collect my ticket purchase online?

    After successful payment, you will receive confirmation email with your reservation code. Please keep your reservation code for reviewing your itinerary and eTickets. Vietnam Airlines also send you the itinerary and eTickets to your registered email.

    If you do not receive confirmation email of itinerary and eTickets from Vietnam Airlines within 3-8 hours after successful payment, please contact us by email

  3. When do I need to pay for my flights?

    Some airlines carriers allow us to hold bookings for a limited period of time before paying for the ticket and issuing it. But, to guarantee for the seats, passengers need to pay for full in advance. Upon receiving your payment, we will confirm and send you the electronic air ticket directly to your summited email.

  4. What does the listed price include?

    The price listed on our website is the basic fare price only which is exclusive of tax & passenger service fee. The final prices will be shown at the confirmation page before you make the payment. Price is mostly calculated in US Dollar, except where noted otherwise. Also, our price includes baggage allowance.

  5. What happen if I make booking and then do not confirm or pay?

    After your booking of the flights is made, it can be held for a limited time due to availability of the seat as well as policy of the airlines. After that time, if we still do not hear back from you, we will automatically cancel your reservation. If you booked the flights but choose to pay later on, we will inform the deadline of payment to you via email, and if you do not make payment before and at this deadline, your booking is also cancelled.

  6. How do I verify my credit card used to purchase air tickets on your website?

    We ensure that you do not need to show your credit card information when making check-in process. You just need to fly with the following documents:

    • Your passport
    • Your tickets and reservation code


  1. How can I change my tickets purchased on your website?

    For ticket changes, please send email to for support. Follow applicable fare rules for changes.

    For changing request via email, please submit your change request from your registered email during online booking process, otherwise, your change request will not be accepted.

  2. How do I my tickets purchased on your website?

    For refunding your tickets purchased on website, please complete refund request form and email to from your registered email address or contact

    For Vietnam local payment by cash, please directly go to our office to be refunded.

    Address: 210, DV8, Xa La Urban Area, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, VIETNAM

    Depending on the fare rules, the refund may be permitted with fee or not permitted. The refund will be credited to the payment card or payment account that was used to purchase the tickets.

  3. How should I do if you would like to refund or change the schedule?

    If you would like to change the schedule, information, please feel free contact us. The ticket will be changed depend on your ticket’ condition. For refund ticket when book on Please contact or sent the request via email You must use the email which used in the process reservation for sending refund. If not, your refund will be unaccepted.


  1. After purchasing tickets on your website, how can I get a receipt?

    According to document No 64/2013/TT-BTC dated 15/5/2013 of Financial Ministry of Vietnam, Vietnam Airlines eTicket is a legal receipt. Boarding pass(es) should be used as the supporting document to prove the services taken.

  2. What is method I get my receipt?

    An electronic receipt will be sent to your registered email when your payment is successful. In the receipt, we will show:

    • Your transaction information
    • Amount of Service Fee
    • Our Company Logo
    • Our Company Address

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